At Zoom.Industries our mission is to accurately capture our client’s identity and values, translating them into creative ideas and designs. We are a design firm working on an international scale, combining several creative disciplines to help companies develop their brand from an integral perspective. Over a period of twenty years we have worked for brands such as Nike, G-Star, Able Jeans, De Bijenkorf and many more.


We go beyond traditional architecture and design by embracing our integral approach. We welcome the multifaceted stages of a project to support and guide our clients in all phases of their project. We oversee stages such as master planning, construction, interior design and after care. We strive to deliver a full service to enrich your brand through hands-on dedication and commitment.

We help our customers with building a strong integral brand experience. Our expertise lies in the premium positioned segment, in this segment the brand must add value in terms of experiences or products in order to convince the customer to choose for this particular brand in stead of other price competitors.

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We believe in creating strong propositions which customers value to pay for. Our focus lies very much in developing one consistent brand identity in which the brand has connected touch-points. This is what we understand when using the word integral.


Accurately capture our client’s identity and values, translating them into creative ideas and designs. We believe the best way to achieve this is by developing a strong dialogue with our client and being involved in various phases of the project. Often traditional architecture firms tell the client what their projects should look and feel like. At Zoom we believe a design has to suit a need, and the first step in the design process is to generate a good understanding of the client and their needs.


Working closely with our clients allows us to develop unique spaces with distinct attention to detail to maximise their potentials. Over the past twenty years we formed a dialogue with a broad group of clients to provide suitable designs for their needs.


Besides our expertise in brand development we also have a broad understanding of developing private objects. Over the past two decades we helped numerous clients develop their house applying the same methodology of forming a strong dialogue with the client.

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