We are living in a time frame with new challenges. The housing shortage in the Netherlands increased sharply the past years, also sustainability is becoming an ever more important topic. Our fast-changing world requires new solutions to solve these challenges. This got us thinking about the way we have been building for the past decades, and how we are operating in an industry which struggles to keep up with the rest of the world.

Considering flexibility, versatility and personalisation as key elements we developed a concept ready for today and tomorrow’s needs. The concept is based on principal elements as walls, floor, roof and windows that can be composed together creating a space able to be customised and to create different layouts every time. Our module consists of prefabricated and semi-prefabricated elements eliminating long construction times and increasing scalability and efficiency. The design approach of modular elements makes it highly customisable, with a focus on sustainability and durability.

Thanks to new technologies, green roof, solar panels, windows with energy and luminosity control system, air cleaning systems and much more it’s possible to create a healthy and smart house in which people will feel comfortable. The base construction exists of wooden skeleton / cross laminated timber (CLT) elements, enabling is to be easily transported and assembles to the desired location. Because of the light construction the concept can not only be applied on empty building slots but even on top of existing structures, making it ideal to work with in densely populated areas.