A suspended concrete frame overlooking the garden with big pivot steel window-doors. The client requested us to design an extension of a family house.

The extension functioned as a new living area and a bedroom. The goal was to foster a deeper, more intimate relationship with the external environment. At the heart of this construction, we as architects strived to create an effortless and seamless combination of primary materials like concrete, steel, and wood to portray a solid block that is transparent and harmonizes excellently with other parts of the house.

The two-floor extension featuring some interior elements like wood-covered walls with a fireplace signals a warm passage between the existing and new home extension. The steel balustrade with glass shelving subtly juxtaposes strong and fragile. The staircase, inspired by Jean Prouvé, touches on the client’s love for vintage and industrial feel. Functionality and aesthetics are merged to express simplicity.