Located in the beautiful scenery of Piedmont, one can enjoy the breathtaking whimsical landscape from a unique point of view.

The architecture for this project required a complete rebuild, reusing as many of the existing elements as possible of what once were the ruins of half a collapsed building with a wooden structure in poor condition. The exterior walls, built by combining the exclusive and regional “Langa” stones with sleek concrete structures, perfectly balances rural with urban – traditional versus modern.

Respecting the distinct request of the clients to play with traditional rural design language, the unique outcome looks imposing yet modest. The house develops on three levels, playing with the different heights of the existing landscape. The first two floors are the active living areas of the house, with on the first floor a full open day zone where a large central fireplace in stones and big corner windows with the view on the “Piedmontese” hills, create the ideal relaxing holiday atmosphere.