When thermae 2000 was already starting to build the infinitum, a new building with sauna and various relaxation rooms, Zoom.Industries was asked to develop the interiors and to start to create the first lines that should also become outlines for future expansion projects of thermae 2000. Therefore we placed our attention in defining a new own language integrated with the parts of the building already built and its materials, this all had to be in line with the corporate identity of thermae 2000. The favourable position of the thermal baths and its integration with the landscape have been fundamental for us. The concept of regionalism has influenced our choice on typically local materials, plants and colours. Creating a relaxed atmosphere, cosines and lightness were our key points. The floor walls and ceiling keep a beige palette as a link to the local limestone caves. A monochromatic play tone-on-tone also to create a sense of quietness and relaxation. On the walls acoustic oak frames, designed in different shapes for each room with akopanel and cork-spray filling function as acoustical materials and their indirect warm light create a a meditative atmosphere. The custom made furniture in oak, corian and hpl, maintains a peaceful and calm monochromatic color with shades of beige and cream. A breeze of color is created by the terracotta pots and the green plants in the and by the green custom made polyester beds. The rest of the loose furniture as well as the decor and accessories were chosen according to the mood of each relaxation room.