MECC office spaces were redesigned to feature the refreshed brand identity and logo that we designed at Zoom Industries. From an architectural point of view, our goal was to instil more visual communication, open spaces, and at the same time maintain privacy. We achieved this by refining the original wall structure, we created a vertical connection between two office floors with a new, large birch multiplex staircase. Its position from the entrance becomes a fundamental eye-catcher that symbolizes not only the physical opening but also the dynamic opening of ideas and connections of the office’s mentality.

A new, simple, essential, and fresh design that uses natural materials, recycles and reuses parts of existing materials (some walls, the ceiling, the carpet) and adds new brand identity elements; a custom made acoustic panels, exposition displays, in the shape of enlarged logo floors cut in linoleum, interior furniture upholstered with an extra studied colour palette. Using our spatial understanding, we divided open spaces by using unique furniture and acoustic panels which were custom-designed for MECC. The panels add a playful element, as they are moveable and double as a pin wall.