The client requested us to design a space that could be used multifunctional, catering to the needs of a showroom, meeting room, and conference room. Designed to be agile, the space was fitted with a multipurpose two-part red table allowing space to easily change depending on the occasion.

Demolishing the superfluous additions and modifications which accumulated over the years for the Mosa conference room was a crucial aspect to restore the space to its original state; reestablish the lost homogeneity into the design. This was achieved by focusing on a few key elements: tiles, flooring, columns, ceiling, and the kitchenette, which we were all tiled with Mosa Tiles.

Our architects ensured that the four existing window slots were repurposed to each house a letter of the Mosa brand, these were fitted with different translations of the word, tile. The translucent glass panels created a graphic illusion, which was accentuated with the use of TL lighting.

The conference room was fitted with luminous honeycomb panels is specially design niches to light up the ceiling. Unique attention to detail resulted in a long rectangular cut with circles that frames the length of the space were used to interrupt the uniformity of the tiles.