After a successful renovation project for Team Notarissen’s notary office some 12 years ago, they reconnected with us and inquired about the possibility to modernize their office space on the ground floor. The aim was to create maximum functionality and develop a secure and private environment while not losing complete connection with the outside world.

Our architectural process led to us designing a defining diagonal wall was introduced to compartmentalize the different sized meeting rooms. The wall was finished with rounded edges to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere. This motif, as well as the diagonal channels, were protracted through to the oak floor, carpeting, and the central black and white striped facade. Each room has been carefully designed to possess a unique character accompanied by special furniture like closets, tables, and television furniture. To accentuate this character, all spaces were fitted with shapes and color palettes inspired by Team Notarissen’s logo; a subtle yet powerful way to reinforce their brand. The lobby also underwent profound change, where we played with warm colors and materials to design suitable furniture elements to meet Team Notarissen’s corporate image.