The function of a physical retail environment is perpetually evolving. Brick-and-mortar stores must reconceptualise their approach to effectively cater to the multifaceted demands of the modern customer. Stores must offer a diverse spectrum of products and at the same time exude an unforgettable customer experience. Most importantly, an outlet store should represent a functional environment. Many products need to be showcased with limited space. Utilising the existing height of the building has given the opportunity to work in vertical layers. Based on a look, touch, and take concept the store was designed to cater to the customer. The design and material usage revolve around the feminine image of Essenza. The combination of luxurious and essential materials creates a contemporary dialogue emphasising the elegant aesthetic of the brand. Powder-coated steel frames in a delicate grey-green tone, plywood, perforated anthracite steel, terrazzo, and brass are strategically used to underline the femininity of the brand. Elements as extra lights and mirrors emphasise a more elegant brand image and evoke a welcoming atmosphere.